10 40 · 01:15am

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Who will win? Two years after witnessing the destruction of Metropolis, mankind still tries to determine Superman’s place in the world. Fearing that the Kryptonian’s actions are left unchecked, Batman decides to take on the Man of Steel while a new threat arises.

10 50 · 12:45am

O.G. The journey outside starts inside Louis, once the head of a prominent prison gang, is just weeks away to end his 24-year sentence at a maximum-security prison. However, his release hangs in the balance as he takes Beecher, a young new arrival courted by a gang, under his wing.

10 50 · 12:45am

Mortal Kombat

11 00 · 12:40am

Venom: Let There Be Carnage He is back with a hunger for more Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson star as Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady in a deadly battle alongside their symbiotes, Venom and Carnage.

11 03 · 01:30am

F9: The Fast Saga Fast family forever The 'Fast & Furious' franchise revs its engines with director Justin Lin and the well-known all-star cast testing the true meaning of family like never before as Dom is forced to face a ghost from his past: his own forsaken brother Jakob.

12 11 · 02:07am

The Golden Compass There are worlds beyond your own Lyra Belacqua is an 11-year-old orphan, who lives in her own fantastic world; a place where people's soul manifest in the forms of animals. But when Lyra finds a rare compass, she finds herself on a fantastic journey throughout many parallel universe

12 20 · 01:50am

Not Another Teen Movie Chris Evans is a typical high school hunk in this satirical comedy that brings together all the teenage cliches we love to hate.

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Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Who will win?

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The Unit

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Gentleman Jack

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The Unit

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Gentleman Jack

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The Whole Nine Yards Life's a comedy. It's all in the execution

12 45 · 03:15am

The Matrix Resurrections Return to the source

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Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past You can't always run from your past

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Gentleman Jack

01 50 · 02:25am

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mistakes were made

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The Baby Every monster needs a mother

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That's My Boy The story of a child... and his son

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Soul Surfer

03 03 56am 56 · 05:33am

Richie Rich He has it all, except what he wants the most

05 05 33am 33 · 7am

Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit Something wicked this way hops

01 30 · 03:30am

Driven Get ready for the race of your life

03 03 30am 30 · 5am

High School High A Dangerous Mind is a terrible thing to waste

05 05 00am 00 · 05:33am

Barry You can’t bury your past

12 45 · 01:35am

The Time Traveler's Wife

01 01 35am 35 · 03:25am

Grey Gardens Inside the incredible world of Jackie O's relatives

03 03 25am 25 · 05:22am

Pavarotti Genius is forever