05 35 · 07:20pm

Truth or Dare First you play the game, then the game plays you A group of friends gather in an empty house and end up playing an innocent game: truth or dare. But the silly game soon turns deadly as something starts punishing for real those who lie or refuse to take the dare.

05 40 · 07:30pm

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Team up with a legend Ryan Reynolds plays a super-adorable, wise-cracking Pikachu in this fun mystery film where the talking Pokémon and a young insurance salesman find themselves entangled in a shocking conspiracy that could end the peaceful human-Pokémon coexistence.

05 40 · 07:20pm

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation He’s going to need a vacation after this vacation Mavis arranges a family vacation on a monster cruise, so the gang embarks on a ship full of fun activities. It all works out fine until Mavis realizes that her father is falling for the ship Captain, who hides a secret that could sink their plans.

06 45 · 08:35pm

The Intruder Your House. His Home Detach yourself from a property that holds our memories is no easy task. Scott and Annie are a young couple who have just bought the house of their dreams only to discover that the previous owner is still dangerously obsessed with their home.

06 45 · 09:02pm

Hereditary Evil runs in the family Annie Graham is an artist who, after her mother's death, begins to experience sinister and unexplained visions. Soon, a chilling history of trauma and tragedy unveils in glimpses of the dark fate that has been marking her family for generations.

06 45 · 07:45pm

Succession S1 E8 Tom has a bachelor party to remember; Kendall and Roman eye new business opportunities.

07 05 · 09:00pm

The Other Guys NY's finest were busy Detective Allen Gamble is more interested in paperwork than hitting the streets. His partner, detective Terry Hoitz is tired of his life behind desk. But when the time comes for them to prove their mettle and save the day, things don't go as planned.

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