The Secret Life of Couples - the second season of HBO’s original series.

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This month, HBO brings us the second season of its original series The Secret Life of Couples; an electrifying exploration of the inner workings within the world of political and corporate corruption.

The series, created by actress Bruna Lombardi and director Kim Riccelli, delivers its second season through ten episodes lead by the return of Sofia Prado (plated by Lombardi), a sexologist from the Tantra Institute, Luis, an investigator played by Carlos Alberto Riccelli, who also co-directs with Kim Riccelli.

The series’s second season picks up with the death of Daniel, one of Sofia’s patients who is involved in sensitive dealings.  Moreover, there is Edgar Eleno Andreazza (Paulo Gorgulho), a savvy banker and manipulator with connections to high level political inner workings. He also leads a drug business, fueled by powerful men as his clients and relentless hackers who appeared in last season’s finale, and who have now have taken a bigger stand again politicians and corporations in sinister business dealings. The hackers are followed by Renata (Leticia Colin), Mosca (Thiago Carvalho), Ezé (Sidney Santiago) and Roberta (Ana Carolina Godoy), a strong woman who is haunted by pending issues of her past.

The second season kicks everything into high gear. We’ve gone from 90 characters to 136 and there are now more than 100 locations that will add suspense and much more action to the series. Tensions and secrets will rise around money, politics, the press, spirituality, sex, love, lies, and death; all through the stories that stayed behind in the show’s last season and the news stories that have yet to arrive. We’ll have more double lives, more secrets, more lethal stories in The Secret Life of Couples. 

Do not miss the second season of this exciting original series; this month on HBO and HBO GO.

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