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Traveling? Limited access to the internet? Slow connection? No Problem!

Being offline, is no longer an issue thanks to HBO GO. In our day in age, being online is very important. We cannot live without the web, without the internet as we need them to be promptly connected in the 21st century. There are times we also wish to slow it down; living offline without chats or an online presence. However, being offline doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy HBO’s magnificent programming on our television screen, our tabler, or our mobile device.

            Imagine you are traveling to a place without an online connection; perhaps a mountain or a faraway beach, out at sea on a boat or you’re hopping on a flight and you wish to enjoy one of the many programs HBO has to offer. Maybe you’re not going anywhere and you wish to save on your limited data plan. In either case, you choose, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the best TV programming in the world now that HBO GO allows you to download your favorite shows so you can enjoy them...offline.

HBO GO is launching a new feature that allows you to temporarily download programs on your mobile device or your tablet. HBO GO offers a selection of around 300 titles that can be downloaded as part of the initial launch; the goal will be for viewers to have immediate access to thousands of titles.

             As of now, you are allowed to download up to 15 programs on HBO GO through your mobile device or your tablet. You will need to be online in order to download those programs. It’s quite easy: search for the DOWNLOAD button in the search bar at the landing page, and once the program has been downloaded, proceed to MY DOWNLOADS on the mobile app and you’re all set! You can now enjoy your offline selection.

            You will be able to download programs on 3 different devices and if you wish to view it on one device, you can download it up to two times. Once you have downloaded the program and begin to watch, you have up to 48 hours to pause it, return, and view it again. If you download it and have yet to view it, you have up to 30 days to watch each title.

            HBO has the best of the best; original series produced by HBO and HBO Latin America, word-class documentaries, special programming from the United States and Latin America and Hollywood box office hits. You will be able to enjoy this, and more, data-free, thanks to HBO GO. 

Do you have limited data? Not a problem! You can always enjoy HBO, offline and data-free, through HBO GO!

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