Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Story After the Avengers

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Enjoy Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) on HBO and HBO GO, the 23rd film from Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Comics movie franchise that has made waves around the world. 

Spider-Man in the Marvel movie universe

The Marvel universe understood as a large-scale plan for the big screen began in 2008 with the film Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Kevin Feige. Feige is none other than the president of Marvel Studios and the film producer who has generated twenty billion dollars in worldwide sales for the franchise. He is also the first to produce a superhero film, Black Panther (2018), that was able to secure an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.

Kevin Feige ha llamado a estas veintitrés películas La Saga del Infinito, pues tuvieron su enfoque principal en las ansiadas y peligrosas Gemas del Infinito. En esta saga multimillonaria, varios héroes ganaron protagonismo con sus filmes individuales, empezando por el personaje central del gran entramado, Iron Man, pasando por Hulk, Thor, Capitán América, Ant-Man, Los Guardianes de la Galaxia, Doctor Strange, Pantera Negra, Spiderman y Capitana Marvel. Como se sabe, todos ellos terminaron unidos o cruzados en cuatro momentos de la saga bajo la figura de Los Vengadores, empezando con The Avengers en 2012 y cerrando con Avengers: Endgame en 2019, que a su vez da corte a esta fase de la saga.

Spider-Man without Tony Stark 

Spider-Man: Away From Home is the first large production that follows the great closing of The Avengers against Thanos. Directed by Jon Watts (who also directed the first in the series, Spider-Man: Homecoming), the film features Peter Parker (Tom Holland, who has performed the role of Spider-Man throughout the saga), who returns back to New York to lead a normal life.

We find Peter Parker eight months after the death of his mentor, the great Tony Stark, and extremely uncomfortable in the everyday world. He still grieves Stark's passing and wants nothing to do with his superpowers. To top it all off, he's in love with one of his classmates, but what he's been through as Spider-Man is of no use to him in matters of love. The girl of his affection is named MJ and is played by Zendaya, the singer, model, and actress who first caught our attention for her role in The Greatest Showman (2017) and then shook up the screens with her thrilling performance in HBO's Euphoria series. Nevertheless, summer is coming, and perhaps this is an opportunity for Peter to declare his love. In addition, Midtown High is also organizing a trip for its students to Europe. Is there another place more ideal for romance?

However, something strange has happened. A mysterious man wearing a suit that looks like a combination of a diving suit and a Roman general uniform has arrived in Mexico with an unlikely beast named Elemental. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), has tried to contact Peter before the trip, but he, as he has already stated, does not want to know anything about The Avengers. Fury, as you will remember, is the "official" founder of The Avengers. With Peter already in Europe, Fury will end up forcing the meeting, while the enigmatic character reappears in Venice fighting against an Elemental, as well as Spider-Man, who will help in this new quest.

The unknown character is named Quentin Beck who is portrayed by the talented Jake Gyllenhaal, a character actor who is equally very physical and known for his roles in Donnie Darko (2001), Brokeback Mountain (2005), Enemy (2013) and Prisoners (2013), both by the renowned Denis Villeneuve and the powerful Nocturnal Animals (2016), by Tom Ford. Like Quentin Beck, Gyllenhaal gives us a character that exudes confidence and closeness to Peter Parker, when he is doing nothing more than hiding his dark personality.


Mysterio, the villain of Spider-Man: Far from home

Mysterio is already a classic villain in Marvel's stories. In fact, he has been ranked among the most fearsome in the universe. He belongs, however, to an evil breed that has no inherent genetic powers but rather works because of its cleverness, supreme intelligence, and mastery of the discipline. In this case, Mysterio is a special effects magician who worked in film production companies. It is known that at one time he also wanted to be an actor, but he did not have good fortune, which led him to join the ranks of evil, loaded, like all good villains, with resentment and hatred.

With his ability to portray characters, Mysterio manages to entangle our hero, and with his mastery of special effects, he creates a huge smokescreen disguised as the real world that will take him far away in his sinister intentions. MJ will be in danger, but so will the superhero himself. Who knows if the longed-for kiss between Mary Jane and Spider-Man (or Peter Parker) will ever come.

An interesting fact: the actor Tobey Maguire hurt his back during the filming of the movie Seabiscuit (2003). As a result, Sam Raimi began considering other actors to play Peter Parker in his second spider movie for 2004. Gyllenhaal was one of the names considered to take the place of the injured Maguire.


Enjoy Spider-Man: Away From Home, on HBO, and HBO GO.

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