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s viewers, we are all aware of the script regarding the common criminal who wishes to escape from the pigsty and it’s not an easy task. A classic example is a murderer who leaves his troubled past behind for love yet that same troubled past follows him where he goes.

HBO is always looking for ways to spin to the stories we already know; it takes this theme and ties it to current social standards and brings us a new history that is totally different as it is presented in this series.

            We are referring to Joint Venture, the new Brazilian production by HBO Latin Ameria Originals which you will enjoy starting this August. The ten-episode series that is set in São Paolo establishes a fictitious world in which marijuana is legalized and within this reality, we are introduced to a young drug-dealer Biriba (Luis Navarro) who wishes to escape the criminal world and becomes a legitimate businessman. This would mean that Biriba would stop trafficking drugs to become a legitimate seller of...marijuana.

Biriba lives in poverty has no formal education and it is not considered a privileged man. In that world lies his difference and personal odyssey; our protagonist wishes to leave the underground world and take advantage of the trends towards legalization so he can move up the ladder and therefore help him and his humble family whom he shares a special relationship. Biriba doesn’t want to die as a young man; most likely murdered much like the majority of the kids who live in his world. He joins forces with his friend and fellow investing partner with little experience, Vini (Daniel Furlan) and launches a store under the legal parameters.

But the past often dictates the future and therein lies Salim (Henrique Santana), friend and fellow troublemaker who always bring problems. And next to this world lies the sharp business world; a business world that may be legal but is still ruthless and backstabbing.

The theme surrounds legalization attracts a worldwide debate. In Latin America, the first country to legalize marijuana for personal use was Uruguay back in 2014. Canada has followed suit for medicinal use by adults and over 20 states in the US have done so as well. In Colorado, marijuana is legal for personal use and cultivation. However, Colorado has also seen a spike in the number of people landing in the emergency room for using marijuana and hospitals are reporting higher numbers related to the deterioration of mental health.

However, when looking at the numbers regarding the business side of legalization and Latin America, an increase of more than $10 billion according to a 2019 report by the international consulting agency, New Frontier Data. The same study also studied the economic gains in Brazil and it could generate up to $2.4 billion.

It’s not a simple subject to discuss nor implement into society as it is portrayed in the series since there is no ideal way to incorporate this into the economy and society in general as many do live through the illegal trafficking of the drug.

Joint Venture is an HBO Latin America production alongside 02 Films. All ten episodes are directed by Quico Meirelles, son of Fernando Meirelles who would earn an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations in 2002 for the acclaimed film, City of God.

There is a place called “Pico da Neblina” - which is the highest peak in Brazil at 9,827 feet (2,995 meters). Its height is both a challenge and a glorious achievement should one were to hike it. Arriving there poses immense dangers and can bring you closer to death if you were to fall.

Don’t miss Joint Venture this August, on HBO and HBO GO, the new Brazilian production of HBO Latin America Originals.

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