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As parents we spend years raising our children; waking them up early, buying supplies last minute for a school project or dealing with the obstacles and challenges of growing up. Yet there seems to exist a hidden question; brewed in a constant silence: “When are my kids leaving to study in college so I can get a break?”

Raising kids is a never-ending job that presents itself in different stages, phases, and perspectives, and once our kids have grown into young adults, the moment arrives for them to separate and begin forming their own lives and therefore completing an important in their lives while opening the door to a new one. However, things can turn “weird” for some parents after their kids go to college. The majority of parents return to an empty home and that initial sense of relief is quickly replaced; on some occasions; with a new and unimaginable set of new life opportunities.

After all, time is the new currency we have after our kids leave home, right?

This is the story that serves as the principal pillar behind Mrs. Fletcher, a new comedy that will arrive at HBO this fall. Eve Fletcher (Katheryn Hahn), is a 40-year-old divorcee and single mother with a successful career as an executive director for a center for senior citizens, and who also has just dropped off her only kid off in college. The emptiness she feels once she returns home serves to create the environment for the adventures and events that soon will follow. 

Meanwhile, not only does Eve need to go through a series of changes in this new set of rules in her life, but her son Brendan (Jackson White) is facing college life with all its changes and challenges, and for both, the separation of a close-knit family. Both will definitely face new situations; both difficult and easy to adapt in their new worlds, including the new dynamic of dating and intimacy.

For Mrs. Fletcher, her current life allows her to budget her time and conditions to leave the “dedicated 24/7 mother” lifestyle that she always carried towards a new “woman ready to love” again lifestyle for which she had to negate as she raised her son all alone. Now, the woman inside of Eve wants to regain that mental space (and sexual) and live in the moment. However, dating rules have changed and Eve must adapt to new dating dynamics such as sexting or online dating; especially since her flirting is somewhat outdated in comparison to current times. Brendan, on the other hand, will go through the initial rituals of college life; full of dorm parties and new relationships while maintaining good grades in his classes. 

Mrs. Fletcher is the second adaptation from a novel by Tom Perrota, his first one being The Leftovers which earned acclaimed reviews, will surely entertain us as his next comedy; offering a fresh and witty perspective on the unforeseen scenarios that life throws at us. According to Perrotta, his characters generally balance between disapproving certain conducts and behaviors, while still being involved in the same things they criticize. In the case of Mrs. Fletcher, the way in which she approaches her son Brandon’s sexuality will reveal this same pattern; while discovering the new layers of social interaction that her life as a single mother had prevented her from seeing.

The cast includes Jackson White (SEAL Team), Owen Teague (Bloodline), Domenick Lombardozzi (The Family, Find me Guilty), Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and Jen Richards (Her Story, Nashville) amongst others. The executive producers are Tom Perrotta, Nicole Holofcener (who also directs), Jessi Klein and Sarah Condon.

Mrs. Fletcher, premiering October 27th on HBO and HBO GO.

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