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The laughs continue with new episodes of Hard. Sofia, now an experienced producer, will tackle new challenges in the industry and her personal life.

Hard, new episodes: the comedy series returns with new challenges

HBO brings us new episodes of Hard, a comedy series that is both daring and controversial, while still offering moments of first-class humor. In other words, the return of the courageous Sofía (with Natália Lage reprising her role), the lawyer who had not practiced in years because of her marriage to a wealthy man and who, following his death, finds out from one day to the next that she has inherited a porn production business (which to top it off, is called SofiX).

As we saw in previous episodes, Sofia ends up being seduced by the porn world, taking her customers’ fantasies to new heights of quality and art. For as we have seen, the company’s main source of revenue is producing live content to satisfy the fetishes of its internet users..

Among other unforgettable characters, Margot (played by Denise Del Vecchio), Sofia’s mother-in-law and a smart, cheerful, sarcastic woman beloved by everyone at the production company. Like her son, for years, she concealed the true role of company. Also noteworthy is the ineffable Pierre, played by Fernando Alves Pinto, who heads up SofiX. Both of course help complicate the life of our protagonist, each in their own way.

But in these new episodes, although Sofia has already realized that the porn world is no endless orgy or succession of happy orgasms, she will now have to contend with her family’s prejudices and the new career of the amusing, passionate and romantic porn actor Marcello Mastroduro (Julio Machado). There is no doubt that Sofia has become a model of power and strength, leading us to conclude that Hard presents the characteristic empowerment of a feminist series in a smart, entertaining way.

Rodrigo Meirelles returns as the series director, with Julia Jordão, Diego Martins and Luiza Campos taking the reins of the different episodes. The scripts are penned by Danilo Gullane, Juliana Rosenthal, Patricia Leme, Mariana Zatz and Laura Villar.

Hard, six new thirty-minute episodes of entanglements and sensual fantasies filled with unbelievable fun. Coming in February on HBO and HBO GO.

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