Beforeigners, mystery and time travel

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Ride along with detectives Lars and Alfhildr and discover why mysterious people from the past have begun inexplicably appearing in the sea.

Starting this January, enjoy the first original production from HBO Nordic: Beforeigners, a six-episode series that is part police procedural (a genre in which Nordic series excel), part suspense, mystery, and science fiction with time travel—with a touch of comedy thrown in. The series begins when strange flashes of light appear over the sea in different parts of the planet, bringing with them people from other time periods: the Stone Age, the Viking Age and the late 19th century. The strange part: none of those who appear have any memory of how they got there.

The premise may be viewed as a metaphor for the refugees and immigrants of today: a refugee is, after all, someone who lives in the past (countries at war, backward due to political corruption and violence) and is forced to flee into the future (other countries with a better standard of living) in search of a decent existence.

In fact, more and more of these visitors from the past continue to appear. As a result, over time, Oslo becomes not only a major receiving site but also where many of them settle. Some live in ghettos, while others have mixed with broader society. This is the case of Alfhildr Enginsdottir (Krista Kosonen), who was once a Viking Age warrior and is now a member of the city police department. This is a Scandinavian series, so of course, no story featuring time travel could fail to include Vikings.

Alfhildr and her partner, Lars Haaland (Nicolai Cleve Broch), are assigned to investigate the murder of one of these refugees. As they dig deeper into the case, they begin to spot signs of a conspiracy behind the mysterious and mass appearances of people from the past.

The creators

The series was conceived and written by Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad. It is directed by the renowned Jens Lien. Skodvin and Bjørnstad are the creators of Lilyhammer (2012), a comedy–drama hybrid starring Steven Van Zandt, legendary Bruce Springsteen guitarist and famous consigliere Silvio Dante, right hand to Tony Soprano in, of course, The Sopranos. The former series also dealt with the topic of a foreigner in another land: Van Zandt plays mafioso Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano, who moves to Lillehammer, Norway looking to start a new life.


The director

Jens Lien is a Norwegian filmmaker who has been much lauded at international festivals. Noteworthy among his films are Jonny Vang (2003), his first feature, which competed in Berlin, and Den brysomme mannen (The Bothersome Man, 2006). The latter was chosen for Critics' Week at Cannes and became one of the most important films of the decade in Norway. Lien began directing series for television in his home country in 2014. Viva Hate and Okkupert paved the way for Beforeigners.


The stars

Nicolai Cleve Broch is known for the series Acquitted (2015) and the film Max Manus (2008). He has been nominated for the Amanda Awards—Norway’s most important film industry award—in the Best Actor category on several occasions. And in 2007 in Berlin, he took home the EFP Shooting Stars Award, the European Film Promotion recognition in support of talented actors and actresses just starting to make a name for themselves. In the last twenty years, this award has gone to such actors as Rachel Weisz, Franka Potente, Daniel Craig, Jérémie Renier, Alicia Vikander, and George MacKay, among others.

Finnish actress Krista Kosonen is known for the films Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Kätilö (2015) and Miami (2017). She has also received recognition at various European festivals. Beforeigners, a smart, courageous series that runs the gamut from time travel to Nordic police procedural.

Don't miss the new thrilling series, Beforeigners coming January 10th to HBO and HBO GO.

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