Cruising Through Space

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HBO brings to viewers Avenue 5, a science fiction comedy that will take us beyond the stars (perhaps).

Avenue 5 is conceived by Armando Iannucci, the creator behind the successful Veep starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Iannucci has created this outrageous series from outer space in which the spaceship Avene 5 acts as a tourist cruise consisting of hotels, restaurants, swimming pools alongside its ups and downs with gravitational imbalances. 

Iannucci turns to Hugh Laurie - yes, the illustrious Dr. House - with whom he had already worked on Veep and The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019), his second feature film. Laurie portrays Ryan Clark, the sharp captain who will have to manage not to lose his composure in the midst of interplanetary tribulations.

Alongside Laurie is Josh Gad, playing the outrageous Herman Judd, the millionaire owner of the cruise ship. On Planet Earth, we have Nikki Amuka-Bird in the role of Rav Mulcair, the head of Judd Industries' Earth Base and a powerful woman who always finds a way to lose her temper.

Out in outer space, we have Rebecca Front as Karen Kelly in the role of the voice of the passengers in the crisis to come. Lenora Crichlow plays second officer Billie McEvoy; a talented girl in love with building things yet carries a terrible fear of dying in space. And let's not forget Suzy Nakamura, who, like Iris Kimura, has the responsibility of being Captain Judd's right hand.

Avenue 5, a science fiction series that will take us beyond the stars now on HBO and HBO GO.   

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