We own this city, a sequel of The Wire?

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David Simons returns to Baltimore with: We own this city, the new cops and drug dealers series with the same great cast of The Wire

 We own this city, the series from the creator of The Wire on HBO

Who owns the city? Well, the city belongs to those who have power, those who have all the means to have fun. It also belongs to those whom the citizens consider exemplary, their heroes. It may be, but equally there are city owners who move among shadows, or who play double faces, and they are masters in the brightness but also in the darkness.

We own this city is a six-episode miniseries that shows us the owners of the city who are precisely on the border between the heroic figure and hidden face of that light. This is a story that goes head-on, with all its severity, against police corruption, while remaining complex and deeply human. Not surprisingly, the story is produced by David Simon and George Pelecanos, the creators of The Wire, one of the most influential series of recent times.

Fourteen years later, Simon and Pelecanos return to the city of Baltimore and bring us another magnificent police story, this time based on very specific real events.

We own this city dramatizes the real-life downfall of the Baltimore police gun-tracking task force of the Baltimore police, accused of selling confiscated drugs, appropriation of illegal money, extortion, and mistreatment of citizens.

Let’s go to a peak moment of those days: on March 1, 2017, Sergeant Wayne Jenkins and six of his task force officers were entering the Baltimore City Internal Affairs building (apparently, they were going to make a simple report around a private vehicle that was damaged in some pursuit), when they were arrested by a special FBI commando. They had been under close surveillance for months and the federal agents’ unit had been able to gather a good amount of evidence to arrest and indict them.

It should be noted that by that time, Jenkins and his team had a reputation for being the best cops in the city. Jenkins had become something close to a rock star, and was considered an officer of high ethics, honesty, and remarkable effort in the performance of his job. And yes, Jenkins and his team had been seizing drugs and weapons on a daily basis and in an unusual manner, but behind those glories were other reasons beyond the call of duty: the more seizures they made, the more they stole. That is to say, the commander kept part of what they seized, especially money and drugs that they sold. They went so far as to make a disproportionate number of illegal raids (in the homes of drug dealers in many cases, but that did not mean that entries were illegal), and to take as much drugs and money as they could. The whole thing was something like a Ponzi scheme of police corruption: I raid, get a nice cut for myself, and give the department a small cut, and everyone is happy, including, or especially, the usual politicians, who, in order to raise their popularity and votes, turn a blind eye, even if the shady dealings are more than obvious.

In The Wire, shone actors like Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Michael K. Williams, Idris Elba, Felicia Pearson (who in real life ended up behind bars for drug trafficking), Michael B. Jordan or Sonja Sohn, now will be actors Jon Bernthal, Wunmi Mosaku, Jamie Hector, Delaney Williams, and Dagmara Dominczyk, among others.

Jon Bernthal, who had stood out in The Punisher (2017-2019) and King Richard (2022), gives the acting height for this kaleidoscope of intelligent plots loaded with waste-free dialogue.

At the helm is Reinaldo Marcus Green. His most recent film work is King Richard, in which, as already mentioned, Bernthal participated in a memorial role. King Richard —anecdotally speaking— is also the film that gave Will Smith the Oscar for Best Actor… the same day he fell in disgrace for the famous slap.

We own this city, crime and corrupt cops, another high-quality production that you can’t miss. Enjoy it now on HBO.

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