HBO’s new horror comedy The Baby

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Natasha unexpectedly finds herself with an unwanted baby and tries to get rid of it. See who this manipulative but adorable baby really is.

The Baby, a real demon with the face of an angel. The Baby

Making comedy by relying on the typical structures of horror may be easy: you make fun of those common places, and you don’t cause fear but laughter. The opposite is much more complex: to tell a terrifying story that has moments of black humor, without implying satire or mockery of the genre. Achieving this balance is difficult, because you are making serious horror, that is, you want the audience to be really scared of and laugh at situations they should laugh at. So, there we have a horror comedy, yes, but the horror thing is scary.

This task is masterfully accomplished by The Baby. The fast paced eight-episode miniseries (half an hour each one), shows from the very first chapter that the horror is serious, but it will also show you moments when you won’t know whether to laugh or be scared. Or both!

That game of sensations is more than inevitable: Natasha (Michelle de Swarte) is a disbelieving girl who is not entirely happy with the motherhood of her friends (she feels she may be left alone) and reacts to it with a particularly hurtful humor, and secondly, the series has a cute, endearing baby who, from the beginning, turns everything upside down in an unusual… and terrifying way. Yes, the little angel is beautiful, but what happens around him is tragic, demoniac let 's say. He is a little baby of smiles, of tender faces, you come to adore him, but at the same time he is a strange creature that leaves a face of death and darkness wherever he goes.

The cast also includes Amira Ghazalla, Genesis Lynea, Amber Grappy, Sinéad Cusack, Seyan Sarvan y Tanya Reynolds, among others.

Tanya Reynolds already comes from participating in Sex Education (2019-2021) and here she plays Helen, a character from the past who has a lot to do with the origin of the baby. Her role will also put into perspective current issues, such as feminism and society 's oppression of women and specially lesbians.

The Baby is created, produced, and written by Lucy Gaymer y Sian Robins-Grace. Both come from working together on Sex Education. Gaymer, for her part, comes from working as music supervisor on Fleabag (2016-2019), which may be give us clues to the path of humor, and as a producer on the film Homebound (2020) and on the documentary miniseries True Horror (2018), which tells us that she already has experience with the horror genre, as Homebound is a horror film.

The Baby is a highly entertaining, direct, effective miniseries (as already noted, the chapters are half an hour long and there are only chapters), and level of emotion and tension rises with each new chapter. The balance is not only between horror and humor, but also between contemporary issues (feminism, lesbianism, spirituality, motherhood, and adoption). Thus, the result is a series that is entertaining, shocking and at the same time in line with contemporary issues.

The Baby, a great horror-comedy that you can enjoy now, on HBO!

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