The Nevers, Steampunk in the Middle of London

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Travel to Victorian-era London and meet a group of superpowered women who are going to challenge a society that wants to destroy them.

The Nevers combines the essence of steampunk with superheroines and science fiction.

The Victorian era is seen as a historical period in which women had few rights and freedoms, living in a culture that confined them to domesticity and set up barriers to formal education. While this is true, this period was also marked by contrasts and radical changes in the economy (with industrial reforms), science and culture. Many women of the time participated in these major changes, especially those in the workforce. Most of these women did not belong to higher classes or the bourgeoisie, but rather to the lower strata. They began working in factories, as nurses in wars or as news correspondents. Some even received education to act as governesses for upper-class families.

The Nevers

At that time, powerful feminist ideal of the New Woman emerged. The New Woman worked, supported herself, was independent and rejected the so-called "natural" roles of wife and mother. These were warriors who fought to change the values of their time, took on male roles, and fought for other women to abandon the imposed roles of demure damsels who accepted the infidelities of their husbands and lived in shame of the venereal diseases transmitted by them, among other atrocities.

The Nevers introduces us to a group of women who are not only young and beautiful but also have exceptional powers. The series mixes steampunk (a science fiction genre that combines old steam-powered machinery with advanced technology concepts), an Avengers-like group of heroines and a little of that HBO magic, seen in productions like True Blood.

The Nevers

The six-episode first season of this fantastic story is set in London and introduces us to a new species of humans called the Touched. This is where our lovely leading ladies come in, as well as some other women who are just as fascinating, but not necessarily all that lovely.

Amalia True, played by Laura Donnelly, is a mysterious, impulsive, passionate, and emotionally scarred widow. Amalia is not afraid of death and would happily trade her life for a drink.

We will also meet Penance Adair, played by Ann Skelly. Penance is a young Irishwoman and Amalia's closest friend. She is an inventor of peculiar objects and will have to face a society that refuses to accept her freedom and her genius.

Both will lead a new group of gifted women who are persecuted with fear and hatred by society. To protect themselves, they will create a refuge and work together to avoid being destroyed by approaching dark forces.

The Nevers

Lavinia Bidlow (Olivia Williams) is a wealthy spinster who will provide the funds for the house where these women will live. Lavinia is severe and old-fashioned, but stubborn and very intelligent.

We also have Declan Orrum, played by Nick Frost, a charismatic and brutal character heavily involved with the criminal underworld of the city. Declan is more than happy to help Amalia and her cause, although he also has no qualms about betraying her.

Finally, we have Edmund Hague, played by Denis O'Hare, an American surgeon who uses his skills in cold and selfish ways and who is capable of the most heinous acts in the name of science.

Watch the adventure, passion, and steampunk science fiction of The Nevers in April, on HBO and HBO GO.

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