The American Guest, Roosevelt in the Amazon

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The Brazilian mini-series starred by Aidan Quinn and Chico Diaz, as Theodore Roosevelt and Cândido Rondon in the Amazon.

Based on a true story the mini-series, divided in four episodes, follows the expedition of Theodore Roosevelt through the Amazon, together with the Brazilian explorer.

The US ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, was in love with the preservation of wilderness and, contradictorily, of hunting and safaris.

Only two months after he left the presidency in 1909, Roosevelt organized a journey in Africa where he caught and killed hundreds of animals with his own rifle. Also, he wanted to give to his adventure a scientific purpose: To collect samples for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in addition to other museums.

The official goal was to collect samples of fauna and flora to be catalogued, studied and displayed in the today knowns as American Museum of Natural History in New York. Even if the unofficial reason was without doubts having a great time exploring and hunting, as it was his great passion.

The mini-series takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. After a bitter defeat in the 1912 presidential election campaign of the United States, Roosevelt travelled looking for his forgotten youth in the Brazilian jungle. In this adventure he is accompanied by his friend Farrel Nash (David Herman) and his son Kermit (Chris Mason), with the target of exploring the last unexplored river of the country: Rio da Dúvida (River of Doubt) in Rondônia.

On a journey full of deadly dangers, the ex-president is supported by the indigenous specialist who was a military man responsible for connecting the most remote regions of the country. In this journey, the two men of different profiles will have to test their physical and moral limits, as well as learn to deal with their conflicting personalities in order to survive.

The legacy of his journey

After this experience Roosevelt wrote a book telling of his exploits entitled “Through the Brazilian Wilderness” which turned out to be a best seller in 1914 as well as a great contribution to the literary genre. A documentary was also made called “Into the Amazon”.

The cast also includes Dana Delany, Trevor Eve, Theodoro Cochrane, Gene Jones, Jeff Pope, Nick Westrate, Maya Kazan, Cláudio Jaborandy, Arilson Lucas, João Côrtes, Michel Gomes, Arieta Corrêa and Luisa Rosa.

The American Guest, will be released on 26 September on HBO Max and HBO. Created and directed by Bruno Barreto, the production stars Aidan Quinn y Chico Diaz, in the roles of Theodore Roosevelt and Cândido Rondon

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