HBO Max arrives in June with your favorite characters and the most iconic content all in one place

15/4 · Por HBO · Reading 1 min.

HBO Max will be is home to well-known productions such as shows like FRIENDS and HBO’s global phenomenon GAME OF THRONES, the films from the fantastic world of HARRY POTTER, the captivating content from the DC universe and classic kids’ favorites like LOONEY TUNES and SCOOBY DOO.

Imagine meeting Rachel Green, Jon Snow, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter in the same place. It will soon be a reality when HBO Max arrives at the end of June with content for each member of the family. For the first time, fans will find iconic content from brands like HBO and Warner Bros. all on HBO Max. Fans will have the opportunity to travel to magical worlds, enjoying great stories about superheroes, reliving memorable moments together with the most endearing characters and having access to a wide range of local original productions.

With a great variety of genres and formats, HBO Max will have something special for everyone, from classic and memorable series that you love like HBO’s SEX AND THE CITY, GAME OF THRONES, THE SOPRANOS, BIG LITTLE LIES, together with classics like FRIENDS; films that impacted you like ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE, JOKER, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX, BIRDS OF PREY; to kids’ favorites like TOM AND JERRY, SCOOBY DOO, LOONEY TUNES; and of course, new and gripping Max Originals like THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, RAISED BY WOLVES, SELENA + CHEF, among many others.

HBO Max will bring a new era of entertainment to homes across Latin America and the Caribbean. Imagine a party with Carrie Bradshaw, Batman, Blair Waldorf, the Joker and even Bugs Bunny. Sounds good, right? Well, get ready because this June HBO Max is coming to you!

HBO Max is getting closer and closer

Already want to enjoy content from your favorite productions? Starting today, join the fans that are getting ready for the HBO Max launch through the new HBO Max accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There isn’t much time left before we’re with you. Until then, don’t miss a thing on: instagram, facebook & twitter.

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