Godzilla vs Kong: Everything you need to know

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Find out what's behind Godzilla VS Kong. Two great titans of film history. With Millie Bobby Brown, Eiza González and Demián Bichir among others.

Godzilla vs Kong: O que você deve saber antes de assistir ao filme.

The battle of these two iconic characters from the history of cinema is one of the most awaited of the season. Throughout the years, Godzilla and King Kong have earned an important role in our memory, and now they will meet again to face each other.

At HBO, we tell you a few titbits about the filming of the fourth film in the so-called "Monsterverse" so that you're fully informed about the movie from director Adam Wingard (Death Note, 2017) before you watch it.

Who do you think will win the battle? The end of this version remains to be seen... in the meantime, we prepared for you this list of curiosities about the movie.


1.  Kong grew 232 feet

One of the biggest concerns about this battle was the size difference between King Kong & Godzilla, as Godzilla was quite a bit taller and this could place him as a clear winner.

Godzilla is 400 feet tall which is about 120 metres, while King Kong was 104 feet (almost 32 meters) in “Kong: Skull Island”. However, in this film, Kong grew abysmally to a height of 336 feet, which is approximately 102 meters.

2.     A reference to the 90s Blockbuster

You may not associate the director of this film with its plot. The American film-maker Adam Wingard is well known for indie horror films such as 2010's "A Horrible Way to Die", or 2011's "You're Next".

Adam Wingard has jumped into the mega-blockbuster in this crossover of Kong & Godzilla which is inside the Monsterverse.

Five screenwriters have also participated in the creation of this film, and among them we find Terry Rossio, who already participated Godzilla (1998). That is why throughout the film you will see references to the latest versions, especially to the 90s.

3.    The soundtrack was almost created before the film was made.

The composer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) was in charge of the film's soundtrack, but curiously, before being hired for the film, he had already made music for Godzilla, as he is a self-declared great fan of the character and of Japanese cinema.

4.     Alexander Skarsgård and Rebecca Hall learned sign language to communicate with little Kaylee Hottle.

One of the main characters that undoubtedly touches this story is the actress Kaylee Hottle. With her first big screen debut, the Georgia-born American is an actress with deafness.

The 11-year-old girl taught the cast of the film, Alexander Skarsgård and Rebeca Hall, who learned American Sign Language to communicate with her little colleague.

5.     The shortest film in the Monsterverse, so far.

It is the shortest movie in the Monsterverse as it only lasts 1 hour and 53 minutes. Fans were surprised as they were expecting a length of approximately 3 hours, however, its director Adam Wingard commented that he preferred to make a movie that was not so long but that was able to thrill all its viewers from beginning to end.

He also added that a longer film would not necessarily have resulted in more battle scenes, but instead would have emphasized human-to-human dialogue, thus justifying his intention to seek balance in order to please the kind of script he liked when he was younger in the other previous versions.

Wingard also emphasized in several interviews that he made an effort to focus the human scenes in the film on the monsters. His intention was to create a synergy between all the characters and make it as realistic as possible.

6.    Change of locations due to volcanic activity in Hawaii

Most of the filming took place in Australia and Hawaii. In the film you can see Manoa Falls (Honolulu) or the Honolulu city centre itself. Unfortunately, the locations had to be changed due to the volcanic activity that originated there.

If you enjoyed learning a little more about this story, don't miss the duel of titans between Godzilla VS Kong, available on HBO Mexico, a movie for the whole family. In the cast you will find Millie Bobby Brown, Eiza González and Demián Bichir, Rebeca Hall, Kaylee Hottle and Alexander Skarsgård among others.

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