Allen v. Farrow: Woody Allen on the ropes

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Discover what really happened in the case of alleged family abuse by Woody Allen. Cross-accusations, trials and more in this miniseries.

Allen v. Farrow, the documentary miniseries that tells the story of one of the most famous Hollywood couples 

Once upon a time, it was all so romantic, beautiful. That’s how she tells it. And so does he. During that period, Mia was doing a show on Broadway, and one night she went to dinner at Elaine’s with Michael Caine, another member of the cast. They were just friends. She was newly divorced from André Previn, the famous composer who had already taken home four Oscars for his soundtracks. Mia Farrow had seven children: four adopted, three with Previn, two of them twins. She thought no man would ever pay her any notice again. But there Allen was, already seated at a table. They greeted each other politely, then he asked her out, and so began a relationship that was exceptional from the start. They respected and admired one another. Mia began doing films for him. One might call her his muse. In fact, their next movie came out in 1982: A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, directed by and starring Allen. It was followed almost immediately by Allen’s most important works, featuring her, of course: Broadway Danny Rose (1983), The Purple Rose of Cairo (1984), Hannah and Her Sisters (1985), and September (1987), to name just a few from Allen's greatest creative period.

They had become the most famous Hollywood couple in New York. However, they never married, and he lived in his apartment and she in hers. Could anything be more perfect? So much so that nobody would have ever imagined or even suspected what came later. Of course, all of that involved the children. It should be noted that while they were together, Mia adopted four more children, and she also had a son called Ronan with Allen. A total of twelve. Three of them later died under unclear circumstances. And two, both women, have been at the center of major controversies: the first, Soon-Yi Previn, from South Korea and adopted during Farrow’s marriage to the composer; the second, Dylan, originally from Texas, a young girl who arrived while the actress was with Allen, who was immediately enchanted by her.

Soon-Yi Previn was the cause of the split between the actress and the director. In January 1992, Mia discovered naked photos of Soon-Yi in Allen's apartment, revealing a romance with the girl, who was twenty-one at the time. But Dylan is at the core of a bigger controversy: Allen is accused of having sexually abused her when she was just six years old. This was reported a few months after the romance between Allen and Soon-Yi Previn was discovered. Of course, Mia Farrow was the accuser. Nothing was proven at the time, but with the feminist movement taking off, the emergence of #MeToo and the serious accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Allen once again became the topic of discussion.

HBO presents Allen v. Farrow (2021), a four-episode documentary miniseries that analyzes and recounts the story of this entire complex muddle. The show is based on interviews with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow and Ronan Farrow, family friend and singer Carly Simon, and other people close to the story, some of them witnesses who are daring to speak about the case for the first time. The documentary combines this testimony with homemade recordings and unreleased audio, as well as legal documents and police evidence.

Allen v. Farrow is directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering. Kirby Dick has received two nominations in the Best Documentary Feature category with The Invisible War (2012) and Twist of Faith (2004). And Amy Ziering was also nominated for an Oscar for The Invisible War, along with Dick, and earned an Emmy nomination in the same category for The Hunting Ground (2015).

Allen v. Farrow, is available now on HBO and HBO GO.

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