04 00 · 05:50am

Who Killed Garrett Phillips? - Part 2 In a small town everyone thinks they know… This HBO Original Documentary examines the years following the murder of 12-year-old boy Garret Phillips, from the initial investigation to the eventual arrest and trial of Oral “Nick” Hillary, a black man in a mostly white community.

04 05 · 05:55am

The Wolfman When the moon is full the legend comes to life Lawrence Talbot is attacked by a werewolf while investigating a series of brutal murders. Now cursed, his deceased brother’s fiancée is the only person that will defend him from the people who want him exterminated.

04 27 · 06:38am

SPIDER-MAN 2 A man will face his destiny. A hero will be revealed Peter Parker keeps facing his gift and the curse that his powers bring, balancing his personal dilemmas with his duties as a superhero. But his secret life and his loved ones will be put in risk by Dr. Octopus, a new and brilliant villain.

04 40 · 06:35am

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Entering a raging hell to take down the devil himself As previous attempts to kill the legendary inmate Frankenstein have failed, Connor Gibson must take him down for good. However, after infiltrating the bloody prison, he falls in love with Jane. Now Connor will have to fight for more than his life.

04 40 · 06:57am

Knocked Up A one night stand to end all others Ben and Alison have nothing in common. He’s a pothead and she’s a workaholic. But after a few drinks, they end up have a one night stand. Compatibility problems begin when Alison shows up pregnant at Ben’s place two months later.

04 45 · 06:30am

Smallfoot There's been a myth-understanding What if on the other side of the myth everything was similar, except upside down, and the Bigfoot was afraid of a human? How about if they could be friends? This is the journey of Migo, a friendly Yeti who makes a discovery: the Smallfoot exists!

05 03 · 06:15am

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America Profoundly intimate and illuminating, Alternate Endings tells six stories of people nearing death, as well as family members of the recently deceased, who have chosen non-traditional burial options.

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06 35 · 08:20am

The Padre Revenge has a price

08 08 20am 20 · 10:05am

Upgrade Not man. Not machine. More

10 10 05am 05 · 12:20pm

12 Strong Inside every soldier hides a warrior

06 30 · 9am

Aquaman Two Worlds. One hero

09 09 00am 00 · 10:45am

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation He’s going to need a vacation after this vacation

10 10 45am 45 · 12:40pm

A Dog's Journey Some friendships transcend lifetimes

06 57 · 08:56am

You, Me and Dupree Two’s a company. Dupree’s a crowd.

08 08 56am 56 · 10:45am

Game Night This is not a game

10 10 45am 45 · 12:30pm

The Hangover What happened last night?

06 15 · 08:40am

Vanity Fair All's fair in love & war

08 08 40am 40 · 10:15am

Under the Eiffel Tower Life can be sour. Love can be sweet

10 10 15am 15 · 12:05pm

Forever You

06 38 · 09:05am

HOOK What if Peter Pan grew up?

09 09 05am 05 · 09:35am

The Emperor's Newest Clothes Who’s willing to tell him the truth?

09 09 35am 35 · 11:27am

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part They come in pieces

05 50 · 08:10am

The Normal Heart To win a war you have to start one.

08 08 10am 10 · 09:10am

Ramy Youssef: Feelings

09 09 10am 10 · 11:05am

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

05 55 · 07:45am

Zathura: A Space Adventure Adventure is waiting

07 07 45am 45 · 10:05am

Shazam! If you want to save the world, say the magic word

10 10 05am 05 · 10:55am

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