06 55 · 09:08am

Jumanji: The Next Level The rules of the game have changed Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black are back in Jumanji once again; the problem now is that players and characters have been swapped.

07 05 · 08:45am

The Vatican Tapes May God have mercy on our souls Angela is an ordinary woman that suddenly starts having a devastating effect on anyone close. When possession is suspected, it is up to Father Lozano for the exorcism. But he soon finds himself waging war for far more than just Angela’s soul.

07 05 · 09:32am

Far and Away What they needed was a country big enough for their dreams In Ireland during the 20th century, after the death of his father, a man named Joseph leaves to the US with Shannon, the daughter of a powerful enemy. But soon they realize there is a price to be paid when you are chasing your dreams.

07 10 · 09:15am

Charlie's Angels A new world needs new Angels Director Elizabeth Banks brings to the screens a fresher and updated take on the most famous trio of special agents.

07 17 · 09:23am

Logan Lucky See how the other half steals After being fired, Jimmy Logan invites his siblings Clyde and Mellie to pull off a heist at a speedway during a NASCAR race. With the help of safe-cracking expert Joe Bang, they are set to ward off a curse that haunts the Logan family.

07 30 · 09:25am

Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Coooper Sometimes you have to live in a world where there isn’t any “why” Gloria Vanderbilt and her son, TV journalist Anderson Cooper, take a candid look back on Vanderbilt’s remarkable life as an artist, entrepreneur and celebrity who has spent over nine decades in the public eye.

07 57 · 10:13am

A Knight's Tale He didn't make the rules. He was born to break them. En el siglo XIV, Europa, edad de valientes caballeros, armaduras brillantes y duras batallas, un hijo joven de un pobre artesano tiene la capacidad de cambiar su destino, que compiten en un torneo exclusivo para caballeros.

08 00 · 09:28am

Antz Every ant has his day Z is a worker ant who yearns to escape the totalitarian regime of his colony and conquer the heart of the beautiful Princess Bala. However, his ambitious plan takes an unexpected turn.

08 20 · 10:25am

Destroyer You can't run from yourself Nicole Kidman plays Erin Bell, a detective with a traumatic past that has shattered her life. When the leader of the gang in which she worked undercover years ago returns to town, Erin embarks on a journey seeking revenge.

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Sharp Objects Welcome home

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