03 45 · 05:22pm

The Adventures of Sharkboy And Lavagirl A grear adventure is born out of a dream. Max is a solitary 10 year old boy who creates an imaginary world in his dream diary. One day his characters Shark Boy and Lava Girl appear to take him to their fantasy planet so he can help them face the evil Mr. Electricity.

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04 05 · 05:50pm

The First Purge Witness the birth of an American tradition To push the crime rate below one percent, ruling political party The New Founding Fathers of America carries on an experiment: No laws for 12 hours on Staten Island, an experiment that threats to spread across the nation.

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04 40 · 05:20pm

He, She, They S1 E2 You discover who you are... when you stop being who you're not Rafa manages to stay in São Paulo. They adopts their non-binary aesthetic and begins to suffer transphobia. A post accusing drivers of the company where Maia works of harassing women goes viral. Vini rehearses the play with his theater group.

04 45 · 06:35pm

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Team up with a legend Ryan Reynolds plays a super-adorable, wise-cracking Pikachu in this fun mystery film where the talking Pokémon and a young insurance salesman find themselves entangled in a shocking conspiracy that could end the peaceful human-Pokémon coexistence.

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05 00 · 05:55pm

True Blood S3 E31 It hurts so good Sookie goes to extremes to save Bill, in spite of Lorena’s threat. Meanwhile, Sam infiltrates a dog-fighting ring to safe Tommy from his parents’ greedy influence, Summer tries to earn Hoyt’s affection and Russell turns his back on the Magister.

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05 50 · 06:55pm

Westworld Free will is not free

06 06 55pm 55 · 07:55pm

The Plot Against America - Part 03 Freedom is never completely Won. But it can be lost

07 07 55pm 55 · 10pm

Crazy Rich Asians The only thing crazier than love is family

06 35 · 9pm

Ready Player One A better reality awaits

09 09 00pm 00 · 10pm

Swamp Thing Go green, or else

10 10 00pm 00 · 11:55pm

Rampage Big meets bigger

05 20 · 07:15pm

Contagion Don't talk to anyone. Don't touch anyone.

07 07 15pm 15 · 08:05pm

Katy Keene

08 08 05pm 05 · 10pm

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part They come in pieces

05 22 · 07:17pm

Short Circuit 2 Some say he's nuts. Some say he's bolts. But can Number Five make it in the big, bad city?

07 07 17pm 17 · 09:31pm

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Another mystery must be solved.

09 09 31pm 31 · 11pm

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies The super hero movie to end all super hero movies... Hopefully

05 55 · 06:55pm

True Blood It hurts so good

06 06 55pm 55 · 8pm

True Blood It hurts so good

08 08 00pm 00 · 9pm

True Blood It hurts so good

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