Mark Walberg's McMillions

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From the executive producer, Mark Wahlberg comes the captivating story of fraud, emotion and the FBI surrounding the McDonald’s monopoly games ran in the 90’s.

McDonald’s Monopoly is a game where customers collect tags attached to menu items to win prices. The rarest streets awarded up to a million in price money. There was one caveat though, the winning tickets were very hard to come by. Only 1 in 150 million tickets were Short Line Road, which had the PT Cruiser as a price.

McDonald’s Monopoly

Yet between the games inception in 1987 right up until the year 2000, there were no legitimate winners of the million dollar game. A framework of fraud, with the mysterious Uncle Jerry at the top carefully sold the winning tickets to those who could pay the high price.

This continued for 13 years, right up until the beginning of the year 2000 when an anonymous tip came in at the FBI bureau. The source claimed that the McDonald’s games were rigged by an insider. At the helm of the new investigation was Special agent Richard Dent.

Follow the story of Richard Dent and his investigation team as they question the grand winners through sting operations and undercover interviews. Firsthand accounts, archived FBI footage and interviews with those who were unknowingly duped will give you a complete overview on what happened during the investigation.

McMillion$ is an HBO, directed and written by Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez and executive produced by Mark Wahlberg. Watch the weekly episodes now on HBO.

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