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Beginning this May, enjoy the first season of Hard on HBO and HBO GO, a new original production that introduces us to Natália Lage in the role of a widow who overnight gains the responsibility of managing her deceased husband's business: a pornographic film production company.

Natália Lage plays the main character in this story

How many perfect and flawless lives are supported by backgrounds of unknown origins? How many wives discover from one day to the next that their husband's assets came from funds that would be a real embarrassment to their social circle?

This is the path with which Hard, the new original series from HBO Latin America, begins. Sofia, a woman with an ideal life, a housewife with no headaches, becomes a widow overnight, and almost immediately discovers that her husband's fortune did not come from where he said. The refined and discreet woman who left her career as a lawyer to dedicate herself to the home will discover that her husband had a pornographic film production company, and has left her a mortgage that she must pay, otherwise, she could lose her home. Such a situation will lead her to make a very difficult decision, but, as she will discover later, convenient: she will stay with the production company, and she will also be in charge of modernizing it, thus dealing with its workers, among whom are, of course, the uninhibited porn actors.

Rodrigo Meirelles at the helm

The series filmed in São Paulo is an adaptation of a French comedy of the same name and will be divided into three seasons with six episodes of thirty minutes each; directed by Rodrigo Meirelles and stars Natália Lage.

Rodrigo Meirelles has directed other series for HBO, including the original series Psi (2014) and A Vaga (also from 2014) for HBO in Brazil. Natália Lage is a theater, television, and film actress who also hosted the program Revista do Cinema Brasileiro. One of her most outstanding performances in cinema was in the film O Homem do Ano (2003), directed by José Henrique Fonseca, son of the great writer who recently passed away Rubem Fonseca, who also wrote the script for the film. Rubem Fonseca, as will be remembered, is the creator of the endearing character Mandrake, for whom HBO Latin America also made the series of the same name, Mandrake.

Hard also features performances by Julio Machado, Martha Nowill, Fernando Alves Pinto, and Denise Del Vecchio.

Starting this May, Hard, a new original series, on HBO and HBO GO.

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