Interesting facts about The Batman


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1. More than a curiosity, this is a fact: many criticized Robert Pattinson for the role of Batman. There were people who only remembered the actor playing Edward Cullen, the beautiful and mysterious vampire of the fifteen-year-old Twilight trilogy. They forget that the last film was released in 2010; that is, twelve years have passed and since then Pattinson has done a lot of roles where he has made it clear that he is not interested in being the pretty boy of commercial films. Quite the contrary: just in 2012 we had him starring in Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, one of the strangest directors of American cinema and, not to extend, in 2019 we saw him in The Lighthouse, directed by Robert Eggers (The VVitch, The Northman), a young filmmaker with an authorial character who is attracting a lot of attention these days. Thus, Pattinson looked excellent for this role in The Batman, which not only demanded an arduous physical training since 2019, but also depth in acting, as Bruce Wayne is perhaps one of the most complex so far. The film also has a strong realistic touch, putting both Wayne and Batman in situations that demand acting development. Pattinson took on the challenge and the result was excellent.


2. Matt Reeves is the director of this new installment. It was originally planned that it would be Ben Affleck, and that the story would feature Hollywood-style action. In fact, the villain was said to be Deathstroke, a mercenary with a strong connection to physical violence. However, the pandemic delayed the project, and Affleck ended up passing the baton to Reeves, who changed the script completely. Reeves 's film has a strong dramatic charge that brings it closer to Todd Phillips’ successful Joker (2019). This Batman is much more real, less technological and is also in his beginnings. He rides a motorcycle and carries a backpack in which carries his suit. He doesn’t  appear out of nowhere, but moves around the city on his motorcycle with nothing special and still knocks on doors to get in; that is, he doesn’t appear spectacularly or in the shadows. This Batman knocks on the door of a nightclub and asks to come in, since they won’t let him in, he fights his way through from the entrance to the inside of the venue. Later in the film, he will go to the same nightclub without the mask, as Bruce Wayne: the bouncers will let him pass without difficulty, admiring the visit of the billionaire of Gotham City. Another realistic detail: this Batman’s suit is made of leather, and as such, it sounds like leather throughout the film.



3. Reeves comes from directing Tv series (Felicity, among them) but also from working on big productions, especially Planet of the Apes sequels (2014 and 2017). Curious detail: Tim Burton made the first modern Batman film in 1989, and also Planet of the Apes, the 21th century version of the franchise. Matt Reeves took over, as mentioned above, also The Apes franchise in 2014 y 2017, and now takes on the nocturnal hero that Burton rescued for modern cinema.


4. Zoë Kravitz plays Catwoman. Audiences and critics have been delighted by her remarkable performance. However, in the past, Zoë Kravitz auditioned for the same character for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises  (2012). Recall on that occasion, the role went to Anne Hathaway. For this new Batman, however, Zoë was Reeve 's first choice. Another interesting fact: in 2017 Zoë was the voice of Catwoman in the brilliant  The Lego Batman Movie.


5. Colin Farrell plays the Penguin. It was reported that between prosthetics and makeup, preparing him for the role took about six hours. But this makeup does not lead us to a quirky, fish-eating villain like the one in the comics (or Burton's), but to that of a disfigured mobster whose appearance is frightening. This Reeves world has a lot of criminal darkness, like that of those Frank Miller comics of the late 1980’s. By the way, the Penguin in The Batman doesn’t smoke. In the comics he always appears with a  smoker's cigarette holder, but to this day, cigarettes are a touchy subject. So Farrell, although he wanted to show the villain smoking, couldn’t do it.



6. Paul Dano, a thirsty-seven year old actor, not well known among the general public but with a great prestige among those who know about him, plays the Riddler, the main villain of the film. Dano has played masterful  roles. We remember him in Paul Thomas Anderson’s, There Will Be Blood (2007), as a crazy preacher. There he shared, nothing more and no less, with one of the greatest actors of these times, Daniel Day-Lewis. He also shone in Denis Villeneuve’s  Prisoners (2013), now in the spotlight for Dune (2022). Dano, it should be noted, played a mentally ill girl kidnapper in this film. He is a very good at playing these delusional character, and hence he fit perfectly for the Riddler, a character that also with Reeves is a different from the traditional villain. His clothes, it is said, are inspired by the costume supposedly worn by the Zodiac Killer and even by the enigmatic signature they claimed to see on his chest. The mask he wears really exists: it was worn by US soldiers in the sixties to protect themselves from the cold and even to instill fear in the civilian population. Finally, the glasses worn by the character are a tribute by Paul Dano to Jim Carrey, as his character of the Riddler (or Edward Nygma) in Batman Forever (1995) wore those same glasses.


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