Everything you want to know about Perry Mason is on HBO EXTRAS

29/6 · Por HBO · Reading 1 min.

Perry Mason is the most famous and iconic lawyer and private detective on American television, who starred in novels, series and films from the 1930s to the present with HBO's new original production. The second screen of the HBO EXTRAS application will allow fans to dive behind the legend, presenting everything there is to know about Perry Mason, the series that premieres a new episode every Sunday exclusively on HBO and HBO GO.

From the story behind the epic Kodak camera that the character uses, to an intriguing tour of the places with which the city of Los Angeles was rebuilt in the 1930s, and even the real news of the time that mixed with fiction and analysis of forensic techniques used for criminal investigations of the time, without leaving aside the musicianship of the production. All this and much more about Perry Mason, on HBO EXTRAS.

The HBO EXTRAS app, available on Android and iOS devices, provides the public with an immersive experience in this and other HBO productions, with additional background information and other curiosities that no fan should miss.

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