02 25 · 04:25am

The Song of Names An obsessive search begins Tim Roth and Clive Owen star in this historic drama about a man obsessed with finding a missing violinist virtuoso.

02 25 · 03:52am

Sweetheart A sinister twist on the castaway genre where the survivor must weather not only the elements but also a malevolent force every night.

02 30 · 04:15am

The Duff You either know one, you have one, or you are one Bianca’s perception of her social life crumbles down as she realizes she is labeled as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend, also known as the DUFF. Determined to change her image, Bianca seeks advice from Wesley, an attractive jock.

02 30 · 04:05am

Share What is your privacy worth? Life can change online in an instant. That’s especially true for 16-year-old Mandy, the subject of a disturbing video from a night she doesn't remember. As she desperately searches for the truth, Mandy must also navigate the escalating fallout.

03 10 · 05:10am

The Tale Our past is always present Jennifer Fox is a globetrotting documentarian leading an idyllic life in NYC. However, her world is turned upside down when her mother discovers a story Jennifer wrote at 13 depicting a “special” relationship she had with two adult coaches in a camp.

03 20 · 05:35am

Green Book Inspired by a true friendship Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali star in this film as an Italian-American bouncer and an African American pianist touring Southern USA in the 1960s. As they witness racism and injustice on the road, they start to form a respectful friendship.

03 40 · 05:40am

After the Wedding Every family has a family Golden Globe® winner Michelle Williams and Oscar® winner Julianne Moore star in this drama about two women connected by past and fate.

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04 25 · 07:10am

Les Miserables - The Movie Fight. Dream. Hope. Love

07 07 10am 10 · 09:15am

ARGO The movie was fake. The mission was real

09 09 15am 15 · 11:10am

The Way Back One shot for a second chance

05 40 · 07:50am


07 07 50am 50 · 09:55am

Winter's Tale This is not a true story, it’s a love story.

09 09 55am 55 · 11:30am

The Secret Life of Pets 2 They still have their secrets

04 05 · 06:15am

Notting Hill Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy?

06 06 15am 15 · 08:25am


08 08 25am 25 · 10am

Brightburn He’s not here to save the world

05 35 · 07:15am

Adrift Fight for survival

07 07 15am 15 · 09:25am

Shakira In Concert: El Dorado World Tour

09 09 25am 25 · 11:30am

Just Go with It Sometimes a guy's best wingman... is a wingwoman

04 15 · 06:30am

Riding In Cars With Boys She did everything wrong, but got everything right

06 06 30am 30 · 08:10am

Elf He will give them the most wonderful gift

08 08 10am 10 · 09:41am

Christmas Lost and Found A delicious search

03 52 · 06:55am

The Postman A man brings his last weapon: hope

06 06 55am 55 · 08:55am

Last Knights A battle for honour. A bloodshed for justice

08 08 55am 55 · 11:05am

Harriet Be free or die

05 10 · 06:35am

Liberty: Mother of Exiles The story of a gift that defined a nation

06 06 35am 35 · 08:08am

Primo To destroy a man is difficult, almost as difficult as to create one

08 08 08am 08 · 10:10am

Crazy, Not Insane Murderers are made, not born

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