The Unit, a realistic police thriller

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Check out the details of the Spanish police series based on unpublished testimonies from the top echelons of anti-terrorism.

Watch on HBO and HBO GO the exciting Spanish tv series The Unit, created by Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini and starring Nathalie Poza, Luis Zahera, Michel Noher, Marián Álvarez.

The Unit Season 1

It is too often that in the world we are unhappily forced to think about terrorism. We all have permanently engraved in our memory several of the most terrible acts that have been committed in the name of fundamentalism. But perhaps it is not often enough that we think of the men and women who are dedicated to fighting terrorism. The Unit, a spectacular police story, focuses precisely on the professional and private lives of some of those people. The main character of the series is Carla (Nathalie Poza), head of the Police Investigation Unit. When one of the Unit's operations culminates in the arrest of Salah al Garheeb (Said El Mouden), the world's most wanted terrorist, Spain suddenly becomes the target of very serious and dangerous threats.

The Unit Season 1

The Unit is based on the testimonies of some of the most experienced professionals in the fight against terrorism. Undoubtedly, the realism and intensity of the series come from this basis. Filmed in several cities from several countries, the series also boasts impeccable and impressive photography. But the best part of the series is its characters, who, in addition to carrying the enormous weight of a nation's security, must deal with the personal problems common to all men and women. Unity is not just another Spanish series, but the best and most intense police series available at this moment. All who watch this series will be thoroughly entertained, but perhaps more important than this is the fact that they will remember and think about the people who, day after day, invisible and tireless, protect us from terrorism.

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