02 35 · 05:30am

It Chapter 2 You'll float again Twenty-seven years have passed and "It" is back in Derry. The members of the Losers Club, now adults and traumatized by the past, will have to overcome their deepest fears to defeat Pennywise once and for all.

03 00 · 05:00am

The Anniversary Party It's not a party until something gets broken. A year after they break up, Joe and Sally organize a party to celebrate their reconciliation. Everything goes well until the arrival of a mysterious surprise gift.

03 15 · 05:20am

EXORCIST 2: THE HERETIC Evil forces take over the weak ones To discover the truth behind the death of a priest while performing an exorcism, Father Lamont investigates the young exorcised woman, awakening evils that should not manifest itself again.

03 25 · 05:35am

On the Basis of Sex It was a man's world. So she changed it Felicity Jones stars as Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became an icon in the fight for gender equality.

03 25 · 05:00am

Holmes & Watson They don’t have a clue After a murder at the Buckingham Palace is solved, it seems clear that the next victim is none other than Queen Victoria herself. With only four days left, Holmes and Watson must stop Professor Moriarty's terrible plan and save the Queen.

03 30 · 05:00am

The Truth About Killer Robots When a robot kills a human, who takes the blame? HBO Original Documentary that shows how humans are becoming more dependent on robots. Featuring opinions from engineers, journalists, and philosophers who talk about how robots have caused the death of humans and the threat they are to society.

03 35 · 06:05am

The Day of the Jackal He spent 71 days and 56 minutes thinking about a bullet France, 1962. A group of survivors of the French Foreign Legion hire the “Jackal”, a skilled murderer, to kill the President Charles De Gaulle. He goes through an exhaustive training, so, what is it that made him fail on his mission?

03 39 · 05:13am

Cinema Verite: The Saga Of An American Family When reality became entertainment, everything changed. The behind-the-scenes story of the groundbreaking documentary 'An American Family,' which chronicled the lives of the Louds in the early 1970s and catapulted the Santa Barbara family to notoriety while creating a new television genre: reality TV.

03 40 · 05:45am

Yesterday Everyone in the world has forgotten The Beatles. Everyone except Jack... Danny Boyle presents this story where a struggling songwriter finds he’s the only one on Earth who remembers The Beatles ever existed. As he passes the Fab Four’s songs as his own, he grows apart from the one person who’s always stood by his side.

03 55 · 06:15am

The Exorcist A sweet girl starts to behave strangely, forcing his mother to ask for help from Karras, a young priest. Convinced that the girl is possessed, he decides to call Father Merrin to perform an exorcism on her.

03 55 · 06:20am

SPEED RACER Ready, set, go! When Speed Racer discovers Royalton Industries has been fixing some of the biggest races, he unwittingly puts his family in danger. Now, Speed has to beat Royalton in order to safe his family, with the help of his Mach 5 and his old rival, Racer X.

03 58 · 05:21am

What's My Name: Muhammad Ali Intimate portrait of Muhammad Ali based on recordings from the boxer's personal collection. This documentary explores the challenges, confrontations and triumphs of the man who became an iconic figure in sports and human rights throughout the world.

04 05 · 05:45am

American Wedding This time they are going all the way Jim and Michelle are getting married so the gang reunites once more. But things will be more complicated since Stifler is in town. Now Jim not only has to plan a wedding, but also has to survive the bachelor party that Stifler is throwing.

04 13 · 05:58am

Closed Circuit They see your every move Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall star as two defense lawyers in a high-profile terrorist case who step into a dangerous and sinister conspiracy.

04 15 · 05:40am

Before Sunset What if you had a second chance with the one that got away? It's nine years after Jesse and Celine first met; now, they encounter one another on the French leg of Jesse's book tour.

04 15 · 06:03am

In My Country A South African Story of Truth, Love and Reconcilliation A journalist is sent to South Africa to cover the hearings of the "Commission of Truth and Reconciliation", where Apartheid persecutors face their victims to plea for amnesty, but horrid stories will come to light.

04 27 · 06:15am

Vampire Academy Blood is family. Blood is pain. And blood is death. Rose is the dhampir guardian of Lisa, a moroi vampire princess who is next in line for the throne. When they go back to vampire academy, a series of attacks will endanger Lisa, facing the presence of strigoi vampires.

04 30 · 06:25am

The Last Station Intoxicating, infuriating, impossible Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren and James McAvoy star in this Oscar® nominated film about the last years of Leo Tolstoy.

04 30 · 05:47am

Hank and Asha Lights, camera… connection. Asha is an Indian student living in Prague while Hank is a lonely guy living in New York City. After corresponding online through video letters, they decide to take the next step in their virtual relationship.

04 33 · 06:07am

Double Team They won't follow the rules After failing in his last espionage mission, Jack wakes up in a colony where those who are too valuable to be left to death and too dangerous to live in freedom are sent to. When his beloved ones are in danger, only one man could help him.

04 34 · 06:00am

The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music Organizing a party for princesses can be quite an adventure Princess Odette organizes a music contest to celebrate Princess Alise's birthday, but everything becomes complicated when Princess Mei Li asks her to help her free a friend from a terrible curse.

04 35 · 06:20am

Grand-Daddy Day Care A house full of seniors. What could go wrong? When Frank Collins suffers from writer's block, he decides to start a day care for his father-in-law (Danny Trejo) and other seniors as a way to make quick cash, while giving him time to still work on his next book.

04 35 · 06:27am

FIREWALL Everything he loves is about to be used against him. Jack Stanfield has design the greatest security system for banks. But his talent is used against him when a criminal kidnaps Jack’s family, forcing him to risk everything to save them.

04 35 · 06:20am

WITH HONORS If you want a degree go to Harvard, if you want an education, go to Simon Wilder Monty Kessler is a brilliant and stuffy Harvard student who's convinced he'll graduate with honors. But when the only existing copy of his thesis ends up in the hands of a witty homeless man, Monty will have to meet all of his demands to get it back.

04 45 · 05:45am

Warrior S2 E4 Blood in. Blood out Chao comes to Bill with a mutually beneficial proposal. Sophie offers Leary a new plan. Penny and Ah Sahm share a moment.

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Pokémon Detective Pikachu Team up with a legend

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Sherlock Holmes Crime will pay

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Greta Don’t take the bite

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On the Basis of Sex It was a man's world. So she changed it

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Holmes & Watson They don’t have a clue

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The Perfect Weapon

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The Purge Survive the night

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Second Act Her talent was real. Her résumé was not

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Kung Fu Panda 3 Grab destiny by the rice dumplings

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Halloween comes to life

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EASY A Let's not and say we did

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Before Sunset What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?

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Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Mind over mayhem!

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JERRY MAGUIRE Everyone will love him

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Bloodshot Superheroes are getting an upgrade

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Blackkklansman Infiltrate hate

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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close One adventure will change the lives of many

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LOSER Even losers get lucky sometimes

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What We Did on Our Holiday A little lie goes a long way

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License to Wed First came love... then came Reverend Frank.

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The Bachelors It’s never too late for a second chance

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Hank and Asha Lights, camera… connection.

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Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence Not everything is what it seems

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Darrow & Darrow: Body of Evidence Not everything is what it seems

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Peel There’s no roadmap to finding your true family

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I Am More Me Going back in time wasn’t part of her plans

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EXORCIST 2: THE HERETIC Evil forces take over the weak ones

08 08 20am 20 · 10:05am

Lost Souls Nothing much to lose, except your soul

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Identity Ten lives. One secret

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Blade 2 Faster. Sharper. Deadlier.

07 07 35am 35 · 09:20am

Valentine A day to die of love

09 09 20am 20 · 10:55am

Our House The dead are sending you a signal

05 20 · 07:05am

Lost Souls Nothing much to lose, except your soul

07 07 05am 05 · 08:40am

Identity Ten lives. One secret

08 08 40am 40 · 10:20am

Brightburn He’s not here to save the world

05 00 · 06:55am

Very Ralph An extraordinary life. By design

06 06 55am 55 · 08:25am

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey Strong, brave, brilliant. Learn Lisa McVey’s story

08 08 25am 25 · 10:25am

The Bravest We fear nothing except to be forgotten

06 03 · 08:45am

Scent of a Woman You don’t need someone to teach you everything about life… Just the good parts

08 08 45am 45 · 10:30am

Away We Go Home is where the heart is

10 10 30am 30 · 12:25pm

360 We all are connected

06 05 · 07:50am

True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality The pursuit for genuine justice has never stopped

07 07 50am 50 · 09:45am

Shadow Of A Doubt Suspicion is a heavy armor

09 09 45am 45 · 11:20am

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks She died in 1951. What happened next changed the world

06 25 · 08:15am

Shadow Of A Doubt Suspicion is a heavy armor

08 08 15am 15 · 10:35am

Hacksaw Ridge One of the greatest heroes in American history never fired a bullet

10 10 35am 35 · 12:15pm

Adrift Fight for survival

06 07 · 07:45am

Urban Justice When revenge is personal, justice can be brutal

07 07 45am 45 · 09:32am

CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE The most beautiful and awesome heroines are back

09 09 32am 32 · 11:13am

Kung Fu Hustle From walking disaster to kung fu master

05 45 · 07:30am

When Strangers Appear Who do you trust?

07 07 30am 30 · 09:40am

Jurassic Park An adventure 65 million years in the making

09 09 40am 40 · 11:10am

Simon Sez The game’s not over until… Simon Sez

06 15 · 08:42am

Aquaman Two Worlds. One hero

08 08 42am 42 · 09:15am

The Emperor's Newest Clothes Who’s willing to tell him the truth?

09 09 15am 15 · 10:57am

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole On his way to find a legend...he will become one

06 00 · 07:31am

Cats & Dogs The fate of the world is in their paws

07 07 31am 31 · 08:57am

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Bone-A-Fied Hero.

08 08 57am 57 · 09:27am

The Emperor's Newest Clothes Who’s willing to tell him the truth?

06 27 · 08:20am

Paranoia Even a pawn can change the game

08 08 20am 20 · 10:14am

7 Days in Entebbe A flight from Israel to Paris was hijacked. What happened next changed the course of history

10 10 14am 14 · 12:30pm

12 Strong Inside every soldier hides a warrior

05 13 · 7am

Grey Gardens Inside the incredible world of Jackie O's relatives

07 07 00am 00 · 08:04am

I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter - Part 1 Did she know right from wrong?

08 08 04am 04 · 09:26am

I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter - Part 2 Did she know right from wrong?

05 21 · 07:09am

Paterno The greater the legend, the harder the fall

07 07 09am 09 · 9am

Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Coooper Sometimes you have to live in a world where there isn’t any “why”

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As You Like It Romance...or something like it.

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