HBO’s I Know This Much Is True tests the limits of sanity. 

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The six-episode miniseries, I Know This Much Is True, is among this year’s most emotionally powerful HBO premieres. The story, starring Marck Ruffalo, presents a family saga marked by madness and tragedy.

Ruffalo, recently made famous by his role as the Banner/Hulk in the Avengers saga, returns to work on an original HBO production after Normal Heart (2014) in a double-performance role. He plays Thomas Birdsey and his twin brother Dominick, who suffers from schizophrenia and lives a relatively balanced life under medication.

What the new mini-series is about?

Based on Wally Lamb's novel of the same name, I Know This Much Is True, explores the American family by following, in parallel, the lives of these two identical twins, who will eventually intertwine to face their deepest fears, failures, and secrets. Toxic relationships, broken marriages, sexual abuse, parental abuse, premature deaths, hellish psychiatric hospitals, and more will be there to create a desolate universe where souls will try for their salvation, despite their inevitable collapse. I Know This Much Is True shows the vague boundaries between normality and madness by revealing not only Thomas' tragedy but also Dominick's severe traumas that live within a painful maze in his own mind.

Mark Ruffalo and the cast of I Know This Is Much True

Mark Ruffalo (who won an Emmy for Normal Heart as an executive producer) produces the series alongside Derek Cianfrance, who in addition to producing also directs the stories. Cianfrance holds the honors of being the director and writer of Blue Valentine (2010) and The Place Beyond the Pines (2013), two films with a strong authorial and independent themes that took him and his actors to the heights of the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and The Cannes Film Festival.

The Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress for The Fighter (2010), Melissa Leo, plays Mark Ruffalo’s mother in the series alongside Rosie O'Donnell who plays a social worker. Juliette Lewis plays a withdrawn student and Emmy winner for Best Supporting Actress for The Good Wife, Archie Panjabi, plays an Indian-born psychologist. Kathryn Hahn plays Dominick's ex-wife, alongside Imogen Poots who plays Dominick's current girlfriend; a woman deep into dark games related to sex.

Don’t miss this magnificent mini-series, I Know This Much Is True, on HBO and HBO GO.

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